the art of tickling

tickle-me-senseless said: What is your favorite place on a girl to tickle and how do you like to tickle that spot?

Definitely thighs, especially inner thighs. Ahh…all it takes is one squeeze just above the knee or close to where your groin begins to make you completely lose control.

You should visit Nashville! Or we should at least Skype or something… 


my favorite of the two videos i posted today only got one like and one reblog…probably because it didn’t have a thumbnail.

I highly recommend checking it out!

Anonymous said: Do you rp or have kik?

yes, and no respectively. however, i can download kik…IF you can spark my interest!!!

I would make this woman my wife…



mmmm the style of tickling they use… the absolute unrelenting torture…. oh thats what i crave… its a constant tease of spidering fingers…..god they would win….

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